Thank you for your interest in my story about modernism and The Spiritual In Art. I hope you will return many times to read a new post.

I love to walk around with my camera, capturing special moments and it has become my way to connect with the depths of existence, as if in meditation. I create abstract, symbolic landscapes or conceptual images, that help me to remember those moments and as I am sharing them, I hope that they will bring a feeling of great life force, harmony and peace into your space.

Born Swedish/Norwegian, but just recently based in Mallorca, I have had art shows in Sweden since 1998 with oil and watercolor as my technique, but since a few years I am becoming more and more immersed in the art of photography.

See some of my work here at MallorcaImages


Photography exhibits 2017 May 26 – August 31: Palma de Mallorca – Living Room at Plaza Alexandre 3

Painting exhibits 1998-2015 various venues in Stockholm, Varberg, Jarvso, Gotland in Sweden. Previous customers are Art Clubs such as Operakällaren, Skanska, Schneider, Arla, Utbildningsradion, Bonniers, SKF Katrineholm, Flens kommun and others as well as to private collections in Sweden, USA, India, Estonia.

Written On The Spiritual in Art – Kandinsky’s influence of Georgia O’Keeffe. https://onthespiritualinart.wordpress.com/ I was enchanted to discover that many of the old Mallorquin artists from early 1900’s share the same need to express the life force, harmony and peace that the early Modernists and I too recognize.

Education My education is in the field of Film Production (editing, production design, art direction), Earth Sciences/Geology and Art History. Previously, I worked in film and tv in Los Angeles and Stockholm.

Contact me here


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