Aboriginal Art

The images of the Aborigines look similar to modern abstract art, but they are actually maps seen from above, from the special state of dreamtime, that is entered during the shamanic trip to the other world. All life’s elements – the food place, kangaroos, snakes, bees have their own geometrical signs and have purpose to show and express reverence to the connection between all life forms, almost like in a prayer.

Malcolm Maloney Jagamara: Water Dreaming, 1998

So after years of artistic development, both Kandinsky and O’Keeffe, like several other modern artists seem to do, reached a code of imagery similar to that of indigenous cultures.

We really haven’t found enough dreams. We haven’t dreamed enough. Georgia O’Keeffe

O’Keeffe mixed abstract and figurative painting, to reach what she called

“that memory or dream thing I do that for me comes nearer reality than my objective kind of work”.

Georgia O’Keeffe: It was Yellow and Pink II, 1959


Introduction to Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art

(Aboriginal Art Store – link here).


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