In 1959, O’Keeffe embarked upon a trip around the world by plane.

The experience of seeing the Earth and the sky from the airplane, inspired her to a new and last series of paintings.

The land shapes depicted in these works of art are very simplified and abstract, showing that her early interest in expressing herself in the abstract way was still important, as it had been since 1915, when she read Kandinsky’s book for the first time.

Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965

I made many drawings about one and a half square of the rivers seen from the air. At home I made larger charcoal drawings from the little pencil drawings. Later I made paintings from the charcoal drawings. The color used for the paintings had little to do with what I had seen – the color grew as I painted.

Georgia O’Keeffe



O’Keeffe: It was Red and Pink, 1959




2 thoughts on “Airborne

  1. I read her auto biography a few weeks ago and remember how much it pleased her when a visitor of one of exhibition discovered, that “these must be rivers viewed from an airplace”!


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