For the second time in three decades, nations of the world were involved in a full blown war in 1944.

A secret atomic laboratory was established close to Georgia’s home in Abiquiu, in Los Alamos in New Mexico some time between 1942-44. The first atomic bomb seen by our civilization, was to be detonated for testing further south, at the Trinity Site in New Mexico in 1945.

O’Keeffe’s Pelvis-series makes the connection to Kandinsky’s and Marc’s apocalyptical prophecies from earlier in the century, as an apocalypse with devastation never before seen, was released on Hiroshima and Nagasaki just a few months later.

I was the sort of child that ate around the raisin on the cookie and ate around the hole in the doughnut saving either the raisin or the hole for the last and best.


So probably, not having changed much – when I started painting the pelvis bones I was most interested in the holes to the bones – what I saw through them – particularly the blue from holding them up in the sun against the sky as one is apt to do when one seems to have more sky than earth in one’s world…


They were most wonderful against the Blue – that Blue that will always be there as it is now after all man’s destruction is finished.
Georgia O’Keeffe


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