An irregular oval and a circle, the color white and an intensely blue nuance. The motif is a pelvic bone and sky with moon. This blue color is a saturated, almost electrical blue, drawing towards turquoise.

O’Keeffe: Pelvis IV, 1944

In the painting romantic elements come together like exaggerated scale, symbols for micro- and macrocosmos, the blue color and the circle, both as a geometrically shaped heavenly body and an organic oval shape – the hole.

Pelvic bones and the moon can be seen as symbols for both life and death. We are born through the opening of the pelvic bone, and according to Egyptian mythology, the moon is the home for the soul, to where it returns after passing from this life.

The motif is fascinating and thought-provoking and there may be more than one possible interpretation.

Kandinsky: Several Circles, 1926




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