O’Keeffe: Turkey Feathers Indian Pot, 1941

Art on A Mission

During the following years, Georgia O’Keeffe exchanged the neon of New York City with the dark starry skies and desert of New Mexico, where she could loudly hear the whispers of her own intuition and the voice of the ancient Anasazi culture.

The palette of the red rock land, blue faraway mountains and the ancient color symbolism of these Ancient Ones came to be prominent in O’Keeffe’s further artistic development.

The Anasazi had an androgynous God and their art and architecture had purpose

  • to help the sun on its path across the sky
  • to bring rain to the land
  • to heal body and soul

They also believed in the power of dreams and other dimensions.

In this place, Georgia could have come to understand a new and more down to earth angle of spiritual reality, perhaps separating her from the previous years of city slicker intellectual discussions about the mystical, in the presence of Stieglitz, Bragdon and the others around them.

I never feel at home in the East like I do out here – and finally feeling in the right place again – I feel like myself – and I like it. Out the very large window to rich green alfalfa fields – then the sage brush and beyond – a most perfect mountain – it makes me feel like flying – and I don’t care what becomes of art. Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe: Black Door with Snow, 1955


I found a few interesting videos about the Anasazi on YouTube – take a look below if you have the interest and time to do so. One very brief and two one hour films.

The Anasazi Civilization is said to be the most advanced and peaceful cultures of the Native American tribes found in the US and Canada. They had a highly developed and egalitarian social structure along with an advanced network of agriculture, trade, storage, irrigation, achitecture, and astronomy systems.

For many, the Anasazi Culture represents a model of living sustainably in harmony with Nature and one another – creating “ecovillage models” that are highly relevant for current day designs and social systems.

From Fifth World YouTube Channel

The Anasazi, People of Peace – 4 min

Beautiful overview.

The Chaco Canyon Mystery Full Documentary (2014) – 1 hour

Speaker: Robert Redford

Mystery of the Anasazi – 44 min

Were they really cannibals?


Georgia O’Keeffe: In The West 

Georgia O’Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place 

A Painter’s Kitchen-Revised Edition: Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O’Keeffe (Red Crane Cookbook Series) 

Georgia O’Keeffe – Surveys Her Complete Body of Work and Explains Her Life in Context of Artistic Output


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