To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist. Kandinsky

Jackson Pollock, Blue Poles: Number II, 1952, Enamel and aluminum paint with glass on canvas, 82 7/8″ x 15′ 11 5/8″

In some sense I have come to understand that it wasn’t only Hitler who destroyed Modernism as we can see in the story of one of the Modernist artists, Jackson Pollock, where the twisting happened in more subtle ways. The mere function of an art critic could be seen as a censor for keeping various politically correct opinions, where it instead could be someone presenting art from a higher perspective, looking for the truest possible way to communicate around art and explain its functions, purposes and properties.

For that, these critics need to be more mature, more insightful and more aware of what is going on with the artist. Perhaps it is hard or even impossible. How could the mystery of the Artist’s world of images POSSIBLY be put into words suitable for a column in a daily newspaper?




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