My first memory is of the brightness of light – light all around. I was sitting among pillows on a quilt on the ground – very large white pillows. The quilt was made of cotton in two different materials. I was probably eight or nine months old.
Georgia O’Keeffe

A Distinction

Mike King, lecturer at the London Guildhall University in London, made a useful distinction between the religious, the occult and the transcendent in an article in the Leonardo magazine, in 1998.

A Spiritual Costume Party

The word “spiritual” contains traditional and organized religious spirituality, like for instance christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism or buddhism. In other words, the religious represents what medical intuitive/writer/lecturer, amazing mind, Caroline Myss with her own personal knowledge of healing and mysticism, refers to as a ‘costume party’.

The Occult

The occult is about an esoteric activity, spiralling around the paranormal, reincarnation and clairvoyance as theosophy (Blavatsky, Olcott) anthroposophy (SteinerGurdjieff and Ouspensky). Steiner and Gurdjieff made art dominant in the life of their students, while theosophy wanted to establish a brotherhood, that would understand occultism and later prepare for the new “world leader” – a fusion of the return of Christ and Buddha.

All three movements were esoterical in nature.

Transcendent Travels

The transcendent, finally, is about a shift in personal identity, from the physical and temporal to the infinite and eternal, according to Mike King. Gurdjieff and theosophy shares some transcendental elements; anthroposophy and Gurdjieff includes strong christian themes.

This also includes mysticism, shamanism and the travelling between worlds as in the Dreamtime of the Aborigines.

Baptized; Christina Rahm Galanis, photograph, 2009 (ceiling in the Karlstad Cathedral, Sweden)


You are the only person that can use the word “I” about yourself and the only one who can know who you that person truly is.

So who are you?

If you are searching for spiritual inspiration or a little guidance on your own path, I recommend listening to Hayhouse Radio, for example the live radio show ARCHETYPES by Caroline Myss, Tuesdays 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PST. (Reruns throughout the week.)


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