Since I keep finding interesting new aspects of this theme, I am once again digging in to my story focusing on Georgia O’Keeffe and American Modernism. The spine of the story is written as a BA thesis published in Swedish about 10 years ago. This time it will contain a more indepth storyline, allowance for more sidetracks – and with permission – more images, one chapter at the time.

Preliminary content…

1. Kandinsky – A Spiritual Revolution
2. Meet Georgia O’Keeffe
3. Art History from a Different Point of View
4. Turn of Three Centuries
5. Art for Art’s Sake vs. Art for Life’s Sake
6. Myth and Human
7. Another Image of Self
8. O’Keeffe in Chicago – Jugendstil and the European Avantgarde
9. O’Keeffe in New York – Dow and Abstraction
10. On the Spiritual
11. Kandinsky
12. A New Beginning
13. 291 5th Avenue
14. Line, Energy in Blue
15. Color Again
16. The “Urpflanze” of Romanticism
17. O’Keeffe and Kandinsky’s Color Music
18. More Color Music
19. O’Keeffe and American Identity
20. O’Keeffe and Kandinsky’s Abstractions
21. Flowers
22. Leaves
23. Trees
24. Mysticism
25. Architecture
26. Pastorale and Apocalypse
27. Meeting the Source
28. Modernism – The Bauhaus
29. Modernism – Fatally Misunderstood
30. Modernism – The Artist’s Duty
31. Modernism – Another Naked Emperor
32. Modernism – Art In Transit
33. The Southwest
34. Void in Blue
35. Black Bird
36. Ascension
37. Airborne

Art Auction prices.

Contemporary Art With Soul


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